Art Direction: Tosin Adeniyi & Karen Da Costa | Package Design: Karen Da Costa | Accounts: Vivien Pham
Nuts to You is a Canadian, family owned manufacturer of nut butters. They are certified organic, kosher, as well as dairy, soy, wheat and gluten-free. We used the brand as part of a re-branding assignment done for a course in the Bachelor of Creative Advertising program at Humber College. We created a new logo, package design, in-store promotions, as well as proposed social media accounts and a website to create a stronger online presence for the brand. 
Our idea for the re-branding was building our branding around "using nuts to a better you" as our slogan. We wanted to keep with the brands serious image, but shift the focus to the "you".
I worked art direction alongside Tosin Adeniyiand created the package/sample design, as well as social media accounts.​​​​​​​
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