Accounts: Tosin Adeniyi   |  Art Direction Karen Da Costa & Jason Durrer  |  Copywriters: Sam Saitta & Jocelyn Tran
Every moment is a movie moment.
When people think about popcorn, they  instantly think of movies. Kernels is only sold in malls which means there’s a gap between where the product is available and where there’s a huge demand for it. With this campaign we want to shift focus from popcorn being a movie snack, to a snack that can be any time because life is full of movie moments. Our strategy is to claim that Kernels is the perfect snack for all of life's movie moments. Why eat popcorn only at the movies when life is already full of magical and interesting moments?

OOH & SOCIAL:  "Movie posters" dramatizing everyday "movie moments". 
EXPERIENTIAL: Branded movie theatre seating with speakers playing thematic music and diffusers releasing the smell of popcorn.
TV: "Movie teasers" consisting of everyday "movie moments" which will run as YouTube pre-rolls
DIGITAL: An augmented reality Instagram story lens scans the popcorn bag and creates an interactive experience. 
Package Re-design by Karen Da Costa, AR by Jason Durrer
Movie posters were created (Jason Durrer) that dramatized everyday "movie moments". These ads will be placed at transit stations and stops as well as sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook.
The experiential aspect of the campaign would be placing Kernels branded movie theatre seats with hidden speakers playing thematic music and diffusers releasing the iconic Kernels popcorn scent. These seats would be placed a public spaces like bus stops, parks and campuses to encourage people to take a seat and enjoy life around them.​​​​​​​
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